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The Complete Focus T25 Workout Program Review From A Non-Beachbody Coach


Focus t25 reviewBefore I give you my Focus T25 review, let me tell you about the reason I chose this workout and a bit about myself. I promise I will be quick. I simply want to let you know that I am an average man and not a Beachbody coach. I am husband to a beautiful wife and father to an energetic two year old. I had been out of shape for about three and a half years. My current schedule is extremely limited and I fell for the “25 minutes a day” propaganda. Why T25?, Well initially I wanted to try the Insanity workout program, but from what I researched everyone commented on the long one hour workouts which was time I don’t have. Why the review? Well, because before I bought it, I searched the web and didn’t find any good reviews that weren’t from Beachbody coaches. So, I decided to write my review and experience.

See, it wasn’t too painful to read about me, was it?


What makes up the Focus T25 workout?


Let’s ask the not so silly question, what is this T25 workout? To keep it simple and short: Focus t25 is a new workout program, by Shaun T(creator of Insanity), that is designed for people with no time on their hands. The workout claims to only take 25 minutes to execute. This new program has been getting great acceptance since its release in summer 2013.

The main target is to get the results of a one hour workout in only 25 minutes. Yes, only 25 minutes 5 days a week. Don’t get excited too soon. This is not an easy workout. -Think about it. A one-hour-workout’s worth condensed into 25 minutes. Pretty much, and the secret, is the use of FIT (focus interval training).

In this program you will exercise one muscle group to exhaustion, and once you can’t use that muscle group anymore, you move to the next muscle group without rest. Going from glutes to shoulders to abs, etc. so it is not an easy workout. But it is only 25 minutes. It is over before you know it. Well, technically YOU HAVE BEING LIED TO… it is not 25 minutes a day for 5 days. One day is a double (so 50 minutes)

This workout program has a great addition for the not-so-athletic type and the out-of-shape ones like me. This addition is Tania. During the workouts, she is performing the exercises with a modification to them. This is a great alternative when the exercises are to hard for you.

If you have not watch the T25 video commercial, watch it below to see what it is all about. Video from Team Beachbody. Or, see who is behind Focus T25 here.


What comes with the program?

Once you receive your workout package, you will get a total of 10 workouts split into 2 phases (alpha and beta) plus an extra workout for the beta phase. You will receive the Focus T25 Nutrition Guide as well as the Focus T25 Calendar. Not only that, but also a resistance band.

what comes with the focus t25

T25 Calendar review
The calendar is a simple concept, but in my opinion a great idea and addition to any workout program. It is a visual plan to what is to come. . It is broken into two months (Alpha and Beta).
The calendar is a schedule of daily workouts. It is a Monday to Sunday schedule, but I see it as day one to seven. Each day comes with two check boxes for you to check off how you did that day. There is 5 workout days (Monday to Friday), a 6th day which is resting day (Saturday), and a 7th day which is your option to rest or do a stretching workout which is fairly easy and muscle relaxing. Oh, and before I forget, the 5th day is a double day; so two workouts adding up to 50 minutes.

t25-alpha-schedule      T25-Beta-Schedule


T25 Nutrition guide review
t25-calendarI love nutrition guides. As you may have heard, nutrition plays the biggest part to any workout program. I think that this nutrition guide completes this workout program. The Guide is extremely easy to understand and follow. It gives you the essentials to a healthy diet, as well as answering a few common questions. Not only that, but also Give you a list of foods that are a must to have at home. What I like the most about the nutrition guide is that the foods mentioned are common day to day food and that they present 25 recipes to try. Although they provide a calorie quiz to tell you how many calories you should be eating, I hate counting calories so I went with portion control rather.

Alpha phase review-
You will start with the Alpha phase.  This cycle contains 5 DVDs. the alpha cycle on the program

  1. Cardio –calorie burning
  2. Speed 1.0 – improves your speed
  3. Ab intervals  – cardio and abs intervals
  4. Lower focus – lower body muscles
  5. Total body circuit – strength and resistance (no weights)

Each DVD workout is exactly 25 minutes, but with one problem, THERE IS NO REST TIME! Which is actually a plus for me. I started the workouts and by the time I needed a break, there was only a few minutes to go so it actually motivated me to keep going. I like the music, the music in the workouts helps with the motivation part as well.
I want to say that the hardest part of the alpha phase is the first week, and I want to think that is the same for everyone. My body was struggling with adjusting to the new routine. In fact, I had to do the exercises with Tania’s modification a couple of times. I was constantly running out of breath during the workouts and not to mention the extreme soreness on my legs and glutes as well as soreness on the rest of my body.
What motivated me was the second week which is when I saw and felt results.
The fourth and fifth week were a piece of cake, I was preparing my body for the next cycle. This cycle is meant to create a good foundation to jump into the Beta phase. At this point you should be feeling stronger, healthier, and with tons more energy.

Beta phase review

This is where the fun begins. This workouts will push your body to the limits. Hopefully you gave your best on the Alpha phase.the beta cycle of the programHere, you will also have 5 DVDs.

  1. Core Cardio – progressive cardio core workout
  2. Speed 2.0 – speed drills
  3. Dynamic core – crazy core routine
  4. Upper focus – develop your upper body
  5. Rip’t circuit-get ripped in 25 minutes

In this phase, the workouts become harder and faster, not to mention the use of the resistance band. In the first week I definitely felt the change. My body didn’t suffer as much as in the first week of alpha phase, but definitely I felt the change in rhythm. I didn’t use Tania’s modifications on this round and to be honest, the modifications seemed way to easy to be in the Beta phase.
The second week of this phase I notice a lot more definition on my arms, abs and legs. My overall strength augmented drastically. I felt stronger. That is quite a motivating feeling.
Just like in the Alpha phase, the fourth and fifth week feel lighter. During this weeks, I felt ready to take on every workout.
Final Results for my Focus T25 Review
I lost an overall weight of 18 lb ( I didn’t have much to loose)
My legs, abs, chest, arms, shoulders and back was defined ( well, maybe not as much as a model)
My family and friends noticed the change and started asking what I was doing.
My overall condition changed for good.
I feel a new man. Full of energy, stronger, and healthier.

Who is it for?

I will tell you in all honesty, that even though this program is for all fitness levels, is not for everyone. As the name implies, “focus” is the key. If you are thinking that by doing a repetition of workouts and just eating so so will get you the body you want. I am sorry to disappoint you. You are wrong. This program is for those individuals that are ready to make a change. Ready to commit to a new way of life (well, a least for the duration of the program). During the workout program, you must be focus at all times. Not only during the workout, but also before and after. If you are ready to commit and be focused on changing your body and health. Then this is for you.

What to expect before you start.


What I can tell you is that before you commit to this workout program, you must realize that you are going into a new phase. You must understand that it is not just a jumping around workout, but a give it your best kind of workout routine. You will change your life, in the fitness sense. Here is a list of thing you can expect during this workouts.

  • Tons of sweat
  • Pain, but in a good way
  • Soreness (but only for a couple of weeks of the month)
  • Increase in energy, strenght, and power
  • Improvement in mental focus
  • improvement in condition and health

How challenging is it really?

I have to say that it is challenging only the first two weeks of every phase, but like i said before there is Tania’s modifications to adjust when needed. I think once you start, it gets addicting. When you feel like you can’t do no more, it’s over. So it gets challenging but is quick. Then, your body adjusts..

Should you buy it or not?


Honestly, the answer is within yourself. You are the only one that can decide, really. If you have 25 minutes a day, you are willing to commit to a healthy simple diet, want to make a change for good, and you have no helth problems. I say do it.

But, if you still don’t know, take the quick T25 Quiz here and see what comes out.

If you are Ready to commit, Click through here to find the best price right now.



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The answer is mostly yours. Like I said before, if you are ready to commit, go for it.


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